A photographic journey. The construction of Poble Espanyol

Traveling and walking arround in a matter of minutes from Cordoba to Besalú or from Cangas de Onís to Medinaceli passing through Mallorca, Santiago de Compostela, Cáceres and many other corners of the Iberian Peninsula to discover the popular Spanish architecture from another point of view, is possible. This is the magic of the Poble Espanyol.

Ours is a village built on top of a mountain, Montjuic. And it is exactly this: a village. With its main square and other secondary ones, with streets formed by traditional houses of different styles of Spanish architecture: Romanesque, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, Baroque... And also, gardens, fountains, walls... and even a monastery and a museum!

All of these elements are common to most of the towns in Spain and are perfectly synthesized in the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. This was precisely the aim of the creators of this site, built in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exposition. In total, 117 buildings that are actually full-scale recreations of other existing ones.

Do not miss the exhibition. A photographic journey. The construction of Poble Espanyol

Enter the trips that, between 1927 and 1928, the architects Ramón Reventós and Francesc Folguera, the draftsman Xavier Nogués and the painter Miquel Utrillo, undertook to collect information, more than valuable, in order to turn the project into a reality that had to be overthrown. A compilation of photographs, letters and various drawings were used to complete the difficult task of choosing the buildings that would have to be reproduced, recreating the architectural tradition of the villages of Spain through the appropriation of the most typical elements.

This exhibition, installed in the Town Hall of the Plaza Mayor del Poble, will allow you to discover a very special look - technical, traditional and endearing at the same time - that inspired the construction and undeniably defined the characteristics of the architectural heritage that you can still see today walking around the site.

A photographic journey. The construction of the Poble Espanyol is the witness of a meticulous and historical photographic work that was essential to project the enclosure that you know today. A monumental

As of September 2021.  Opening date to be confirmed.

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enclosure where, thanks to its structure and architectural characteristics, history meets culture and leisure.

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