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You need to rent an auditorium in Barcelona? Did you know that Poble Espanyol also offers this service with various venues? In addition of being a precinct open all year round for visitors of any age and origin, it also offers the possibility to enjoy privately some venues, and some of them may become the perfect auditorium. They are very versatile rooms with good acoustics.

Our precinct can receive whether shows, cultural or corporate events which need stands or a large space for the public. A theatre, a multipurpose marquee, diaphanous rooms which can be converted into auditorium, open-air areas for summer proposals… The options list is very varied and all of them, as you will see below, offer interesting benefits: complementary services, easy access, affordable prices, free Wi-Fi connection…

It’s an auditorium, yes, but not just any auditorium. Its location makes it unique. It’s located in the Fran Daurel Museum, thanks to which audiences can enjoy an outstanding private collection that includes works by top exponents of Spanish contemporary art.

The auditorium is equipped with a large-format screen, a projector, an audio system and has direct access to the Guinovart Space, where the catering services can be used and/or other activities and services carried out.


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Renting an auditorium in Barcelona for musical shows

If you are interested in the rent of an auditorium in Barcelona for musical shows, you have distinct options in Poble Espanyol. The first one, the theatre. It is located just next to the Guinovart Space, a giant sculpture, and it is a classical venue with stage and comfortable stands, formed by 210 cushioned seats on a gentle slope, so the public can enjoy an optimum view. Symphony bands or theatre companies are some of the clients who usually reserve this venue.

Another option is the marquee, the most modern structure of Poble Espanyol. It is a large and diaphanous venue, of more than 670 m2 and with capacity for 800 people in an auditorium format, with stage and public sitting in seats. Right next to this marquee, there is an open-air and forested area, usual picnic place for our visitors, which can be enabled for deploying certain complementary services to the event taking place in the marquee.

And for those who prefer an open-air show, different venues can be adapted to the auditorium function. The largest and most impressive one is the Main Square, which, thanks to its square and isolated shape, can be converted into a large courtyard, theatre or auditorium under the stars.

Rent for non-musical events

By contrast, if you are looking for the rent of an auditorium in Barcelona for a non-musical event, Poble Espanyol also has proposals that will interest you. They are versatile and adaptable venues which can be converted into fantastic performance rooms with public. In this way, the examples mentioned above are valid: the theatre and the multipurpose marquee, such as the Main Square, which becomes the Hivernacle (greenhouse) in autumn and winter, a spectacular transparent and diaphanous structure of more than 1,350 m2 and 10 metres high, which is covered. And, of course, naturally and as suggested by its name, full of plants.

This unique pavilion in Barcelona allows celebrating large-scale events, meetings, banquets, cocktails and product launches during autumn and winter.

This venue received the Let’s Snow BCN skiing and mountain sports festival, became the Pop Up Club Hivernacle and also was used for many private events. The other days, the Hivernacle is open to all visitors and offers extra content in significant dates, for example at Christmas time.

But the list of ideal venues for non-musical events is not over. We can include the Noble Hall, the large indoor venue of the Town Hall of the Main Square. This room, inspired by the great hall of the Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana, covers almost 220 m2 which can host 200 people in an auditorium format. It has bathrooms and dressing rooms right next to it and it has a Renaissance gate in the entrance and a porch, which can be used as complementary spaces to the event.

The Monastery of Sant Miquel, located in one of the end of the precinct, can also be used as an auditorium. Concretely, the so-called Annex Room, of 128 m2, has a capacity of 70 people as a public. Next to the Annex Room is located a beautiful Romanesque cloister, at the open air, of 125 m2. And in the exit, fantastic views over Barcelona.

Advantages of the Poble Espanyol’s auditoriums

If you choose the rent of these auditoriums in Barcelona, you will enjoy some benefits hard to find in other venues of the city. Of course, you will enjoy every complementary service for your event. Some of the basic services we offer are cleaning staff and security staff, such as coordination and attendees’ reception.

In technical terms, we also can help you providing audio-visual systems, Wi-Fi connection and lighting. In addition, since Poble Espanyol does not work exclusively with any supplier, you will have absolute freedom while hiring.

Another positive aspect is that, even if our precinct is open to the general public, our venues can be privatised. That is to say, we can isolate them to allow access only for the show or the event’s attendees. Indeed, some of our venues have their own access from the outside of the precinct, without the need of using the principal entrance of Poble Espanyol.

And on top of that, we offer more affordable prices than other large auditoriums of Barcelona, and the advantage of being in a calm place very near the city and well connected whether by metro, FGC (train), urban buses, tourist buses, or by car, taxi or private bus (there is a parking just behind the precinct).