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Czech marionettes, glove puppets, table and thread marionettes, Muppets, and Chinese shadows will fill the Poble Espanyol on the 17th and 18th of March, at the 9th edition of the Barcelona Puppet Festival.

This must-see event for puppet lovers will gather 16 companies (including international troupes from Argentina, Chile, and Poland) putting on 16 different shows. There will be more than 70 performances over the weekend on 10 stages installed throughout the enclosure, from the main Plaza to the Monastery, and in squares, gardens, and inner spaces.

In addition to enjoying the shows, kids will be able to enjoy Cal Titella, by Galiot Teatre, an installation that will allow them to become puppeteers for a while learning and handling different kind of puppets.

This year we have expanded the offer for the youngest members of the family with three shows especially conceived for kids from 0 to 3 years old (El lleó no em fa por, L'estany habitat, and La Filomena va al riu) and with the novelty of a space adapted for them with games, a breast-feeding area, changing rooms, etc.

Do not miss this activity for kids in Barcelona; a weekend to enjoy puppets with the whole family!



Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March 2018 from 11am to 6pm


Saturday 17th:

  • Katia (cia. K-Teatre) > NEW
  • Pedro y el lobo (cia. Títeres 4 caminos)
  • Recontes (cia. La Pantomima)
  • Historias asombrosas (cia. Valeria Guglietti)
  • Mites de la terra (cia. La Perla Teatre)
  • El lleó no em fa por (cia. Pamipipa)
  • El poder de la amistad (cia. Canapé de Polenta)
  • Un secret del bosc (cia. Tirabec)
  • Teatrastet (cia. Tea3tte)
  • Cal Titella (cia. Galiot Teatre)

Sunday 18th:

  • Katia (cia. K-Teatre) > NEW
  • Tant se val d’on venim (cia. Creu Roja de Catalunya and Fundació FCB)
  • Kukuryku (cia. Ola Muchin)
  • L’estany habitat (cia. Som Art)
  • X de Ramonlluc (cia. La Finíssima) > NEW
  • La Filomena va al riu (cia. Pengim Penjam)
  • El poder de la amistad (cia. Canapé de Polenta)
  • Momo, a la recerca del temps robat (cia. Poc a poc)
  • Las marionetas tangueras (cia. El trastero de las artes)
  • Cal Titella (cia. Galiot Teatre)

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Included in the Poble Espanyol general admission. Free entrance for children under 4 and annual passes.

Ticket includes admission to the shows and the entire Poble Espanyol complex during one of the two days of the Festival (17 or 18 March). Limited capacity.



Visit Poble Espanyol and enjoy the Barcelona Puppet Festival.

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  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona-1
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona-2
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona-4
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona-5
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona-6
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona-3
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—Pedro-y-el-lobo
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—Historias-asombrosas
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—Kukuryku
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—Las-marionetas-tangueras
  • Festival-de-Titelles—X-de-Ramonlluc
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—Teatrastet
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—La-Filomena-va-al-riu
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—El-lleo-no-em-fa-por
  • Festival-de-Titelles-de-Barcelona—Recontes