Up in the clouds


The show

Moving colours, music, wind… Would you like to fly in a hot-air balloon? Up in the sky, within touching distance of the clouds, you can see how rain forms and how it brings the cold and snow with it. Birds start their long journey to distant lands.  The day reveals a magical object for you to play with: a rainbow. It’s going to get dark soon… Shall we go to sleep?

Once the show is over, the stage becomes a play area for the children to explore and go for a stroll under the rainbow, sleep in the starry sky, and chase the hot-air balloon disappearing in and out of the clouds.

This charming visual and poetic show combining music, colour and magic will delight both children and adults alike.


The company

Patawa, a new puppet company from Esther Miñarro and Antoni Àngely, boasts a wide range of shows in different formats and on different topics: stage and street performances, storytelling, performances for babies and much more… all with a common trait: they seek to thrill their audience.

Don’t miss this performance for babies in Barcelona!


Recommended age: For families and children since to 3 years old
Language: Catalan

Date and time

  • Sunday 8 July 2018 from 12:30pm to 1pm
  • Sunday 9 September 2018 from 12:30pm to 1pm

Rates and tickets

The show is included in Poble Espanyol's general admission. Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount!


  • 1—A-la-voreta-dels-núvols-al-Poble-Espanyol
  • 2–A-la-voreta-dels-núvols-al-Poble-Espanyol
  • 3–A-la-voreta-dels-núvols-al-Poble-Espanyol
  • A la voreta dels núvols – Poble Espanyol
  • A la voreta dels núvols 2 – Poble Espanyol
  • A la voreta dels núvols 3 – Poble Espanyol