Baby Esferic


The show

Baby Esferic

Can you imagine witnessing the birth of our wonderful planet Earth and sharing it with your baby?

This endearing show talks about the magic that connects us with the planet and its inhabitants through different stories and landscapes. With no text and a very visual language, a white sphere is the protagonist as it is transformed into different landscapes and friendly animals. Everything is round. Its aesthetic is minimalist and delicately visual, and allows the viewer’s imagination to run wild.

Lovely spherical inhabitants will accompany you in this adventure: the majestic jellyfish will take you to the bottom of the sea, the ancient turtle will show you the cycle of life, the foraging bees will delight in the forest of friendship, and magic will bring a snowman in the Artic to life…

Intended for babies over 6 months old, Baby Esferic is a show full of love and respect for ourselves and the planet that takes care of us, and can be enjoyed by the whole family!


The company

Aboon Teatre was created in 2012 by Anna Serra and Mei Samarra. The company participates on its projects with multiple artists who specialise in early childhood, with the desire to offer a unique experience to this demanding audience and those who accompany them.

Their shows are born from a collective creation process. They are based on the desire and the need to transmit a positive vision of life and the world.

Returning to the company’s roots, they have adapted their “ESFERIC” show for babies, an audience they are specialised in, and debuted with “BABY ESFERIC” in June 2018, which was very well received. This year, Anna Serra is leaving the company and Eduardo Telletxea will be joining. The reviews and their success have helped to consolidate their passion.


Recommended age: From 0 to 4 years
Language: Without words


  • Sunday 20 january 2019 from 12:30h to 13:15h
  • Sunday 24 february 2019 from 12:30h to 13:15h

Rates and tickets


The show is included in Poble Espanyol's general admission.

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