The little pig who wanted to see the world from up above

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The show

The show

The protagonist of this play is a little pig. A little pig who wants to fly high in the sky to see the world from up above. Chasing his dream, one day he decides to say goodbye to the fence that has deprived him of his freedom and he escapes to experience new adventures. Under the light of the moon, he’ll follow a narrow path surrounded by trees and animals, while wondering about where he’ll be able to find a new home so he can live quietly in the company of a friend or two…

This Chinese shadow play is full of emotions, poetry and values such as self-improvement, the determination to achieve personal goals, respect, understanding and the correct treatment of animals, who not only keep us company but also teach us many important things as well.

Don’t miss the premiere of this children’s show at Poble Espanyol, and come have a great weekend with children in Barcelona.

The company

Animamundi Teatre is one of the most well-known puppet companies that specializes in Chinese shadows, having created more than a dozen of their own shows since 2002. Kerstin von Porat is the founder and director, who was born in Sweden and who obtained a degree from the Puppet Department of the Barcelona Theater Institute in 1989. She is passionate about the world of puppets, which from a very young age she would create with her own hands from thread, to then later sell them in stores or on the streets of Barcelona.

Language: Catalan
Recommended age: From 3 years old

Date and hour

  • Sunday June 24 2018 from 12:30pm to 1:15pm
  • Sunday February 4 2018 from 12:30pm to 1:15pm

Rates and tickets

The show is included in Poble Espanyol's general admission. Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount!



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