Contemporary art in Barcelona

Spanish village

Picasso, Dalí or Miró are some of the exponents of Spanish and world contemporary art you can admire at the Fran Daurel Museum

Can you imagine a place where you can admire works by Picasso, Dalí and Miró all
under the same roof? It exists: the Fran Daurel Museum, a reference point for
contemporary art in Barcelona, ​​located in the heart of Poble Espanyol.
But this museum offers so much more. The collection also includes works by other
great masters of the 20th century such as Antoni Tàpies, Óscar Domínguez (from the
Canary Islands), Miquel Barceló (from the Balearic Islands) and Eduardo Chillida (from
Donostia, in Northern Spain). Here you can learn a little more about our three exhibition
spaces and the treasures that you can discover in them.

As well as being an architectural museum, Poble Espanyol promotes the dissemination of art and culture with a variety of artistic initiatives. That’s why it has several exhibition areas where a wide variety of contemporary art works can be viewed.

Don’t miss out on enjoying the over 300 works in this collection that has come to the Sculpture Garden, a large area where art and nature merge.

  • Fran Daurel Museum

  • The Fran Daurel Foundation of Contemporary Art was inaugurated in 2001 at Poble Espanyol. The museum houses over 300 works by different internationally-renowned artists from a wide variety of periods and styles that chart a journey through contemporary Spanish art through a unique exhibition.

    Fran Daurel Museum >

  • Fran Daurel Museum

  • Guinovart Space

  • This magical and stunning area, which is sometimes used as a hall for temporary exhibitions, is dedicated to one of the great works of sculpture by the artist Josep Guinovart (1927-2007), one of the maximum exponents of the informalist school. This is the work named Contorn-Entorn, which was presented in the Maeght Gallery in Barcelona in 1976, was later moved to Barcelona Modern Art Museum and came to Poble Espanyol in the early twenty-first century, where it found its ideal location to be exhibited.

    The art critic Josep Corredor-Matheos had this to say about the sculpture Contorn-Entorn: "In his work, Josep Guinovart achieves one of the main aspirations of contemporary art: that of re-integrating art into reality".

    Guinovart Space >

  • Guinovart Space

  • Sculpture Garden

  • In the Poble Espanyol Sculpture Garden you can contemplate 36 sculptures by 27 different contemporary artists, created using different techniques and covering various styles and materials. And the best thing is that you’ll enjoy an art space in natural surroundings of 3,000 m2.

    When you finish your tour you can visit the vantage point at the end of the garden to enjoy a unique view over the city of Barcelona.

    Sculpture Garden >

  • Sculpture Garden

Fran Daurel Museum

Since 2001, Poble Espanyol has been much more than a reflection of the culture and
architecture of Spain. That was the year that the Fran Daurel Museum, one of the best
collections of contemporary art in Barcelona, ​​was opened.
Thanks to the museum, your visit to Poble Espanyol no longer represents just a
journey between Mudejar, Romanesque and Renaissance buildings. It is now also
possible to lose yourself amongst pieces of Picasso pottery, works by Dalí, paintings by
Joan Miró and sculptures by Chillida.
The Fran Daurel Museum is a private collection that has been nurtured for over 50
years, growing into an extraordinary compilation of paintings, sculptures and other
works of art by great artists of the twentieth century.
It is located in the Posada de las Ánimas, in Ronda. The museum covers
approximately 2,500 square metres, housing some 300 works of art from 80
contemporary creators, belonging to the most varied styles of the last decades:
Informalism, Surrealism and Expressionism, not to mention Hyperrealism and
conceptual art. They are, above all, paintings, small sculptures, drawings and
Picasso is represented here in 23 ceramic pieces, one of the many disciplines that the
Malaga artist cultivated particularly between the 1950s and 1960s, a period in which he
showed a great optimism reflected in his work through animals and smiling faces.
Two particularly interesting works by Dalí will surprise you here: a bronze sculpture
from the 1970s called Alice au pays des merveilles, and a drawing made with Chinese
ink called Cavalier avec son aurige, from the same period. In both, you can see the
unmistakable style of the artist, one of the greats of Surrealism.
Miró will not disappoint lovers of contemporary art in Barcelona, ​​since his works
exhibited in the museum reflect the essence of his universe: natural and human
elements are reduced to minimum expression, dominated by primary and intense
colours. Querelle d'amoreux (1981) and L'enfance d'Ubu (1953) are some of the best
examples that can be admired in Poble Espanyol.
In addition to these key figures of contemporary art in Barcelona, and the world, Poble
Espanyol is the birthplace of many other leading artists of the twentieth and twenty-first
centuries, including Óscar Domínguez, a contemporary artist influenced by Picasso,
Dalí and Miró. At the Fran Daurel Museum, you will also find works by the generation
led by Antoni Tàpies, Joan Ponç, Eduardo Chillida, Manolo Valdés and Palazuelo,
great examples of the postulate revolutionaries of Informalism and other artistic trends.

This still leaves plenty of room for a more recent generation of artists with a great
international projection, the standard of which is set by Miquel Barceló, influenced by
Expressionism and capable of combining nature, relief, matter and textures.Other
contemporary artists include Riera i Aragó, Sicilia, Rasero and Plensa.

Guinovart Space

The Guinovart Space is a striking and breath-taking place which contrasts with its
traditional exterior, as it is located inside the building of the convent of the Clarisas de
Santa Isabel de Medinaceli.
This space is dedicated to one of the great sculptural creations of Josep Guinovart:
Contorn-Entorn, from 1976, which was installed here at the beginning of the 21st
century, having passed through the Maeght Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary
Art in Barcelona. In Poble Espanyol, this sculpture has found the ideal place to be
observed, which it really deserves. It is a masterpiece of Informalism, that often shares
its space with temporary exhibitions of other artists.

Sculpture Garden

And finally, how about ending your visit with a pleasant walk through a relaxing, natural
area? You’ll love the Sculpture Garden, the climax of this special journey through
contemporary art in Barcelona.
This particular space also belongs to the Fran Daurel Museum and was opened in
2004. Strolling through this garden, you can discover 36 large sculptures created by 27
different artists. 3,000 square metres dotted with trees, flowers and contemporary
works of art.
That is the magic of Poble Espanyol, a unique place where different areas of Spain
embrace each other, tradition merges with modernity and nature is interspersed with
If you want to enjoy contemporary art in Barcelona, in a different environment, then
Poble Espanyol will surprise you. Plan your visit on this page, and book your tickets in
advance to beat the queues.