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Electro-folk, folktronica, lo-fi tropical electro... these and other new words have had to be invented to define Crystal Fighters’ unmistakable indie-pop style, who will stop off at Poble Espanyol on the tour to promote their fourth album, Hypnotic Sun.

Since their songs started to be heard in 2010, the mix of genres they offered not only started to attract attention just because it was genuinely new, but also because their live show had extra euphoria and passion added with a marked party vibe that no doubt got people "hooked". With clear Ibizan house, Drum'n'Bass, 80's punk or experimental electronic music influences, and playing continuously with thundering rhythms, the band, which formed between London and the Basque Country, uses both electronic guitars and acoustic instruments such as synthesizers, percussion or traditional Basque instruments such as the txalaparta.

Their first singles, Xtatic Truth and I Love London, from 2010, achieved overwhelming success that was later confirmed with the release of their first full-length album, Star of Love, but above all with Cave Rave (2013), which, with its electronic pop style and mega anthems, led to the group exponentially increasing its popularity. Later came Everything is my Family, that had a more commercial sound than their previous work, and they have just released Hypnotic Sun, a wonderful album that transmits the best sounds from the first song to the last. And, as they themselves state, Crystal Fighters learns from the most ancient traditions of humanity to make music with a view to the future.

The awaited Crystal Fighters concert in Barcelona is almost here!

Date and time

  • Wednesday 13th March 2019
    • Doors open: 7:30pm
    • Support act: 8:30pm
    • Crystal Fighters: 9:30pm

Rates and tickets

  • General ticket: 35€ + overheads

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