Friday, 28 July 2017

New advertising video – What’s the Spanish soul?

In recent years, Poble Espanyol has been evolving as the reflection of a changing society, with new concerns and a growing need to live experiences and enjoy culture with all senses. 

To that end, one year ago we inaugurated the new Welcome Area  with the aim of offering visitors information through 8 large interactive screens.  A few months later, we opened the Feeling Spain area to the public Feeling Spain , 5 immersive installations that describe the culture, traditions and landscapes of the different regions of Spain

Today, we are very excited to present the new video presenting Poble Espanyol which, in our opinion, accurately defines this change in attitude: a peaceful journey that will allow you to explore the soul of Spain.

The sunlight, sharing a delicious meal around a table, the scent of flowers, art, a smile, craftsmanship, traditions, discovering a host of delightful nooks and that special something that only Spain has!

Watch video >