Tablao de Carmen

A typical Andalusian bar located in the exact reproduction of a Cordoba courtyard, which is still intact today. It has a small tablao where Flamenco performances are presented to liven up dinners, meetings, etc.

(+34) 933 256 895

Tapes Tapas

Tapas restaurant.

(+34) 933 257 746

Terrer Vins, Esperits i Olis

High quality products from different regions of Spain.

(+34) 933 313 132

Torrons Vicens

Vicens offers a wide selection of traditional nougats and chocolates, created with an innovative touch that is evident in the bold combination of ingredients or the product presentation.

(+34) 933 257 495


A nightclub that offers highly varied regular scheduling: concerts, talk shows and parties.

(+34) 931 050 883

Wine & Tapas del Duero Barcelona

A top-quality locale for trying and buying wines, cold meats and oils from the Arribes del Duero (Salamanca) region.

(+34) 930 152 119

Yvonne Turull Abanicos

Fans and accessories.

(+34) 934 239 732