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Blues was born at the end of the 19th century in the South of the United States. It is characterised by its sad, melancholy lyrics. Since then, it has evolved into different subgenres and is now one of the most fashionable music styles in the city of Barcelona.

The Escola-Taller de Blues de Barcelona (The Blues School and Workshop in Poble Espanyol) plays an important part in training and disseminating this type of music. Every week, it schedules concerts by many famous national and international bands, so that blues fans can thrill to their sensational live performances.


March 2017

  • Saturday March 4 at 10 pm: Lone Rhino Club
  • Friday March 10 at 10pm: The Flat Pack
  • Friday March 17 at 10pm: Cocoa Blues Exchange Barcelona celebration, organised by Associació Bcnswing
  • Friday March 24 at 10pm: Red Rombo

February 2017:

  • Saturday February 18 at 10pm: Lluis Coloma trio
  • Friday February 24 at 10pm: Still River

January 2017

  • Saturday January 7 at 10pm: Los Locos del Oeste y su Loco Country Jazz
  • Saturday  January 14Simews Shocks (8:30pm) and the Barcelona Big Blues Band & Jonathan Herrero (10:15pm)
  • Saturday January 21 at 10pm: Los Locos del Oeste y su Loco Country Jazz
  • Saturday January 28 at 10pm: Sweet Martha & The Blues Workers


The concerts are included in the Poble Espanyol general admission except the Cocoa Blues Exchange which will have different tickets.