EL Festival 2017

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The second edition of EL Festival will gather today’s best French bands on 10 June at Poble Espanyol.

The careful selection of artists this year includes La Femme as the headline. Straight from Paris, the renowned pop band will paint pictures the French capital by day and night through their psychedelic songs and female voices, in addition to enigmatic tales of love and indifference.

Breakbot will make those in attendance dance to their songs that sit somewhere between disco and funk with vintage tones, fresh lyrics and interesting rhythms. Naive New Beaters will continue with this disco vibe by adding electronic, hip-hop and rock elements along with their free spirit. Speaking of hip hop, one of the most notable voices of the genre will be here, Wax Tailor. Following a 10-ear music career he continues to delight fans. Finally, Cassius is synonymous with mixing house, hip hop and funk with hints of pop rock to obtain a musical duo of exceptional quality.

Don’t miss out on this musical journey to France from the comfort of Barcelona!

Date and hour

Saturday 10th June 2017 from 5pm to 1am

Rates and tickets

From 20 to 35€

Tickets on sale at Weezevent