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Hivernacle Pop Up Club

The second edition of the Hivernacle Pop Up Club Barcelona gives you 3 unique dates to experience firsthand one of the most famous electronic music events in Barcelona.

A spectacular, transparent, ephemeral structure of more than 1,200 m2, full of vegetation, impressive visuals and sounds, located in the Plaza Mayor of Poble Espanyol. The Hivernacle Pop Up Club Barcelona is, however, much more than just that. It represents a fantastic atmosphere under the stars, getting to enjoy the magic of some of the most well-known artists in today’s electronic music scene: Derrick May, John Digweed, Ming Against, Nastia, DJ Tenis or DJ Koze, among others.

Don’t miss out on the best electronic music in a unique space in Barcelona!


  • Saturday 28th October 2017 from 10pm to 4am: Halloween special night byDerrick May + Nastia + Eduardo de la Calle (live) + Bloody Mary + IVA + Fede Zerdán
  • Saturday 18th November 2017 from 10pm to 4am: Life and Death by John Digweed + Dj Tennis + Pachanga Boys + MLiR dj set + Marvin & Guy + The/Das (live) + Margot + Discos Paradiso Crew
  • Tuesday 5th December 2017 from 10pm to 4am: Mind Against + Dj Koze + Gui Baratto + Saoirse + Architectural + Rubén Seoane


From 15 to 25€

Ticket sale:

The general admission ticket to Poble Espanyol doesn't include access to Hivernacle Pop Up Club Barcelona


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