Paper tales and crazy characters

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The show

Can you imagine what we could do with a sheet of paper? Write, paint, cut it into pieces, draw... But we could also create cute and fun figures like Pep and Pepa, two frogs that fell deeply in love at first sight. ‘Mejor ser encantador y no un encanto’ is a desktop show with two clear protagonists: paper and puppets.

In the second tale, ‘El diario, el invitado y el lobo hambriento’, you will discover with irony and tenderness the story of a hungry wolf who, one cold, winter night, opens his door to a lost lamb seeking shelter. His first instinct, logically, is to eat it but if he does that he’ll be left alone and friendless. What a paradox! Making use of classic techniques such as the glove puppet and the puppet theatre, you will be thrilled and laugh out loud.

‘Cuentos empapelados y personajes alocados’ is a double show of dramatized tales that enables young and old to enjoy a good Sunday of theatre as a family at Poble Espanyol.  

The company

Behind the company “Alma i la mar de contes” is Laura Rubio, also known as Alma. A trained actress, it wasn’t until 1999 when, thanks to Francisco Nieto (Quico - Cia. Dandy Clowns), she was enchanted by the world of puppetry. The puppets, which she made herself, give life to creative, open shows with a large dose of imagination.


Language: Catalan

Dates i horaris

  • Sunday 30 July  2017 from 12:30 to 1:20pm
  • Sunday 3 September 2017 from 12:30 to 1:20pm

Rates and tickets

The show is included in the Poble Espanyol general admission. Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount!