The Playmobil Fair

The Playmobil® figures will be attending their annual date with Poble Espanyol on 20 and 21 May, as the stars of a very special weekend. Both the young and old will have the chance to see the adorable figures that have delighted many generations!

What’s more, a celebration is in order! 25 years ago, the magnificent Barcelona Olympic Games were organised, converting the city into an international venue of reference. Poble Espanyol will be celebrating this memorable event at the fourth edition of the Clicks Fair, with a theme-based diorama to allow us to remember the event with nostalgia. And that’s not all! Barnaclick will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with 18 dioramas representing a look back at the history of man: from prehistoric times with cave dwellers and dinosaurs, to the space race, and passing through Egypt, Rome, the birth of Islam,  the Middle Ages, the Far West and the industrial revolution, among others.  Nothing has been left out!

The Playmobil® Fair will also include activities for children such as biscuit-making and arts and crafts workshops, obstacle races or face painting, Cineclick projections, a food trucks area and a huge space with stands that sell unique pieces for collectors and persons who looking for curious objects. We invite all Playmobil® fans to take part in this year’s diorama competition, which will naturally be devoted to sport.

Be sure to take part in one of the children’s activities that parents most enjoy!


Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21st 2017 from 10am to 8pm


  • Non residents in Catalonia: Included in General admission. Buy your tickets in advance and get a 10% discount
  • Children under 4 and season passes : Free entrance
  • Residents in Catalonia (from 4 years old): Special price of 6€ at the ticket office / 5€ online* (accrediting document will be required)



Visit Poble Espanyol and enjoy the Playmobil Fair activities.

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