A horse dancing in the crowd, a solemn tribute to Christ during Holy Week, an original and colourful vegetable fight, an impossible human tower...

Spain is known worldwide for its festivals. No other country has so many that are so diverse and so famous. They truly reflect a way of understanding life - they are inherent to its culture and people. In some, fire acts as the main protagonist, while in others spirituality, colour, courage or joy are the main focus, but they all share a common element: they are experienced with the utmost of emotion.

The Fiesta space is a 150m2 multimedia facility offering a height space of 7 metres, which allows visitors to experience this emotion first-hand and discover the soul of a culture through its popular festivals, some of which have been recognised by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. From the festival of San Fermin to La Patum, through to the Castells (human towers), the Tomatina festival, Holy Week and the Jaleo festival, this amazing mapping with spectacular images and sound offers an unprecedented cultural and sensorial journey.

Welcome to the festival of all festivals!

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