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A circuit on a fridge door, a frog-cap that jumps from a section of a ski, blinds with coloured traps and a satellite dish that guides a ball. They are the Recicloperats, an itinerant outdoor attraction that is made up of 18 medium-sized games made out of used materials, but without changing their shapes.

The perfect chance for families to participate in street games and test your basic skills, ingeniousness and strategy by overcoming the challenges posed.

After a short explanation by the company, it will be your turn. You will be the stars of this attraction.  Are you brave enough to take part?

The company

The company Katakrak uses creativity, recycling and games to create unique objects from recycled objects. In addition to promoting this practice, it aims to recover public spaces, streets and squares as leisure areas where young and old can enjoy games as a means of expression and have fun.


Sunday February 26 2017  from 11am to 2pm


The show is included in the Poble Espanyol general admission. Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount!


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