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The curtain rises and another curtain, and another! This is the 8th edition of the Barcelona Puppet Festival at Poble Espanyol: 14 shows, 5 of them new, and more than 70 performances which will fill the squares, streets and theatre of Poble Espanyol during the weekend of 18 - 19 March.

A fantastic opportunity to see how they give life to different characters through different techniques: standing puppets, glove puppets, shadow theatres, marionettes, manipulation of objects and even large animals!

Come spend a day at the theatre with your family and discover the magic of the puppets that fills every corner of the Village.

Let the show begin!


Saturday 18 and Sunday March 19 2017  from 11am to 6pm

Download the program! (in Catalan) >


Saturday March 18:

  • Les ombres que conten contes (cia. El gecko con botas) >NEW<
  • Music-box (cia. Fadunito) >NEW<
  • Cal Titella (cia. Galiot Teatre)
  • Pell d’ase (cia. Mercè Framis)
  • El viatge dels tres porquets (cia. Titelles Vergés) >NEW<
  • Wonderwool (cia. Bigolis Teatre)
  • Antologia (cia. Jordi Bertran)
  • Matito (cia. Matito Titelles)
  • El Drac Màgic (cia. Pamipipa)
  • Circ Llull (cia. Micro Troupe) >NEW<

Sunday March 19:

  • Les ombres que conten contes (cia. El gecko con botas) >NEW<
  • Music-box (cia. Fadunito) >NEW<
  • El príncep feliç (cia. La cuentista teatre)
  • Cal Titella (cia. Galiot Teatre)
  • Cantarino (cia. Alekos)
  • Antologia (cia. Jordi Bertran)
  • El viatge dels tres porquets (cia. Titelles Vergés) >NEW<
  • Wonderwool (cia. Bigolis Teatre)
  • Nómada (cia. Pinotxo en bicicleta) >NEW<
  • L’egoisme gegant (cia. Pengim Penjam)


Included in the Poble Espanyol general admission. Free entrance for children under 4 and annual passes.

Ticket includes admission to the shows and the entire Poble Espanyol complex during one of the two days of the Festival (18 or 19 March). Limited capacity.



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