Craft workshop: Silk postcards


The workshop

Did you know that silk is a natural textile fabric that is extracted from the proteins generated by the caterpillars of butterflies? The origin of this precious material goes back to ancient China, which was later popularized by the Silk Road and then industrialized in the 19th century.

In this workshop we will become artisans for a day, working with the silk to create a unique postcard with our hands and with the help of a few tools.

A piece of silk, a little alcohol, a pinch of salt, paint and our imagination will be the basic ingredients of this workshop. We will make a postcard out of clothing, applying a layer of various colors of paint and playing with salt and alcohol to create fun and abstract shapes. Once we’ve finished, we’ll examine it and discuss what it brings to mind. We will complete our little work of art with a simple drawing and then end by framing it with cardboard.

A craft workshop that is the perfect activity for families with children in Barcelona!

Recommended age: +3 years, accompanied by a parent

Date and hour

  • Sunday March 31 2019 from 10:30am to 1:30pm without interruption (workshop session lasts 30 min).


Rates and tickets

This activity is included in the Poble Espanyol general admission. Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount!


  • Taller-d’artesania-infantil-a-Barcelona—Postals-de-seda-1
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