Have you ever watched artisans in glass, leather, ceramics or jewellery working live? More than 20 artisans ply their trade every day in the Poble Espanyol workshops making unique pieces with their hands. That’s why Poble Espanyol is a shopping venue incomparable in Barcelona and it’s open 365 days a year.

In a space dedicated to architecture, culture and Spanish traditions, you surely can’t miss a good craft exhibition. You can visit about twenty handicrafts in Barcelona workshops at the Poble Espanyol. It actually is the best and biggest craft exhibition of Barcelona and Catalonia, and it includes professionals of different generations who work everyday with their hands.

These artists give life to the Poble Espanyol Barcelona and they make it a place for exchange and encounters, where visitors can discover and buy the most original creations, including custom-made pieces. Just like in village squares, main streets or in the corners of fortified villages. In other words, just like in many of the places recreated in our precinct.

It is because of the unique nature and quality of the works produced that the Autonomous Government of Catalonia declared the Poble Espanyol Barcelona an Area of Craft Interest. It is, without a doubt, one of the best concentration of artisans of Barcelona and of the country, and you can enjoy it while strolling through quiet surroundings with no cars.


ASPASIM – Centre artesà

A therapeutic crafts workshop devoted to integrating people with mental disability.

(+34) 934 240 842



All kinds of materials are worked from their primary state to produce characters and objects from an imaginary world. Made to order and personalized pieces are produced.

(+34) 637 438 082



A workshop devoted to textile handicrafts and original accessories.

(+34) 933 250 950

Casa Otero

A workshop that produces and sells handmade embroidery.

(+34) 934 248 904

Diana Cristó

She produces jewellery in gold, copper, bronze, leather, steel, pearls and other materials, combining the traditional with modern touches.

(+34) 667 048 419



A decorative and everyday-use glass workshop where glass plays subtly with light and colour. The results are modernist aesthetic and contemporary pieces.

Flor Kanela

Shawls, scarves, handbags and other accessories made from linen, silk, cotton, wool and mohair, among other materials. At the Flor Kanela workshop you can watch artisan Montserrat Casas working with her loom.

(+34) 934 238 349


Formes I

Jewellery articles inspired by Joan Miró. This workshop offers jewellery with contemporary elements worked using a wide variety of techniques, without losing their traditional nature.

(+34) 933 255 462