Handicraft in Barcelona

Spanish village

Have you ever watched artisans in glass, leather, ceramics or jewellery working live? More than 20 artisans ply their trade every day in the Poble Espanyol workshops making unique pieces with their hands. That’s why Poble Espanyol is a shopping venue incomparable in Barcelona and it’s open 365 days a year.

In a space dedicated to architecture, culture and Spanish traditions, you must not miss a
good show of handicrafts. There are about twenty handicraft workshops that can be visited
in Poble Espanyol. It is, in fact, the best and widest sample of handicrafts in Barcelona and
Catalonia, made up of professionals from different generations who work with their hands
every day.
These artists give life to Poble Espanyol and make it a place of exchange and human
contact, where visitors can meet and buy the most original creations, and even personalized
pieces. This is true in town squares, on main streets, in corners of the walled towns and,
ultimately, in many of the places that our site recreates.

Due to this singularity and the quality of the works produced, the Generalitat de Catalunya
bestowed Poble Espanyol with the title of Handicraft Interest Area. It is undoubtedly one of
the best concentrations of craftsmen in Barcelona and the country, which you can enjoy here
while taking a leisurely stroll, without traffic and without crowds.


ASPASIM – Centre artesà

A therapeutic crafts workshop devoted to integrating people with mental disability.

(+34) 934 240 842



All kinds of materials are worked from their primary state to produce characters and objects from an imaginary world. Made to order and personalized pieces are produced.

(+34) 637 438 082


Cal Terrissaire

Cal Terrissaire

Ceramic workshop with demonstrations and live courses, specializing in traditional and artistic pieces.

(+34) 931 066 682


Casa Otero

A workshop that produces and sells handmade embroidery.

(+34) 934 248 904


A decorative and everyday-use glass workshop where glass plays subtly with light and colour. The results are modernist aesthetic and contemporary pieces.

Flor Kanela

Shawls, scarves, handbags and other accessories made from linen, silk, cotton, wool and mohair, among other materials. At the Flor Kanela workshop you can watch artisan Montserrat Casas working with her loom.

(+34) 649 283 982


La Pescallunes

A workshop specialising in handcrafted baskets and other objects in miniature and using materials such as bone rattan: utensils, furniture, etc.

(+34) 934 251 854

Lourdes Perelló

An artisan workshop specialising in painting silk cloths and in textile jewellery.

(+34) 934 239 870

What you will find in this unique handicraft space in Barcelona

The best thing about shopping in the handicraft workshops of Poble Espanyol is that you can
buy items that are original, high-quality, exclusive and... unique! What you buy here is not
replicated. That is the charm of an ancestral activity, handicrafts, as opposed to mass

Our craftsmen work using very different techniques and materials. One of the most common
in these workshops are textiles. The textile artists of Poble Espanyol work with linen, silk,
cotton, mohair and many other materials to create blouses, shirts, pants and accessories,
such as foulars, handkerchiefs or caps with the most fascinating embroideries and the most
inspiring colours. And with the utmost care in each stitch.

The same happens with other everyday and traditional materials such as leather and wicker.
With them, some of our craftsmen make belts, footwear, bags, baskets and many other
items, as has been done in many areas of Spain for generations.

Among the handicraft masters in Barcelona who work in Poble Espanyol are also those who
make more refined objects. For example, our creators manipulate glass with care and
dedication, as it could be no other way in our city, regardless of whether the design classic
or modern in aesthetic. Their creations are, for the most part, decorative objects including
stained glass windows of different colours such as those that fill the Gothic cathedrals of the
Iberian Peninsula with light.

Other examples are jewellery, which is perfect for an unforgettable gift: rings, pendants,
brooches and an endless number of pieces in gold, silver, pearls and enamel. Some of
them, in antique styles - as was tradition in the past. Other pieces have contemporary
designs, inspired by great artists of our time such as Joan Miró.

And this is just a brief review of what awaits you in this paradise of handicrafts in Barcelona.
But the list is much wider, because you'll also find guitars, soaps made entirely by hand and
with natural ingredients, engraved with meticulous designs, metal sculptures...

Where and when to enjoy the handicrafts of Poble Espanyol

The handicraft workshops of Poble Espanyol are located inside some of the buildings at our
site, laid out according to the different geographical areas: Mediterranean, South, Center,
North and Camino de Santiago. And, as with the rest of stores and bars, they have their own
hours. They are:

  • Winter: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Summer: from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • Autumn and spring: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

During these times, you can visit the artists located in Poble Espanyol, watch craftsmen work
in front of your eyes, admire their creations first hand, purchase the ones you like most and
even order personalized pieces.

To get to know them better, we have created a directory with all the craftsmen present at our
site. In each label you will find the name of the workshop, a brief description of its work and
basic contact details, so you can seek more details or set up an appointment on the day of
your visit to Poble Espanyol.

Enjoy the best handicrafts of Barcelona and Spain in an incomparable and lively setting,
which takes you back to the traditions of the past to update them and adapt them to the
present and the future. Are you inspired to see the handicrafts first hand?