Handicraft in Barcelona

Spanish village


Món de mones

Món de Mones

Workshop of costume jewelry and handicraft jewelry that looks for and presents innovative designs that are not on the market.

93 192 51 92


Oksana Barcelona

A workshop of Flamenco-inspired haute couture dresses. Self-designed and produced cloth flowers and handcrafted accessories can also be found.

(+34) 687 646 830

Roberto Fuentes Escultura

Sañudo Artesanía en Cuero

Specialising in belts, men’s and women’s bags, small accessories and single pieces, the Sañudos (father and son) work in this leather handicraft workshop which goes back over 30 years.

(+34) 934 236 236


Taller Antic

Old-style jewellery and gift items, such as brooches, pins, earrings, pendants, rings, tiaras and all types of jewellery pieces. You can also find collector’s boots, scent flasks, frames, small boxes, teaspoons and pieces in miniature.

(+34) 934 236 438


Taller de cuir Ana Ongay

Ana Ongay works in leather in the most purely traditional way to produce all types of objects of everyday use: handbags, wallets or belts, among many others.

(+34) 933 250 348


Taller de Gravat Manera Negra

A venue for creation, training and research which very actively promotes the validity of engraving and the artistic stamping techniques as an art discipline and a vehicle of expression.

(+34) 934 238 210


Taller Santiago de Cecilia

Artisans with training and experience in various luthier workshops work day in day out in this unmissable guitar workshop.

(+34) 934 235 290