Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hivernacle: a unique venue in Barcelona

Standing under cover but feeling that you are outdoors, watching the sky and seeing the stars, taking in what is around you and realising that you are at the centre of a special place, the Main Square of Poble Espanyol.

This is the Hivernacle, a temporary, completely diaphanous structure occupying more than 1,350m2 and with a height of 5 metres and, of course, filled with plants, as its name suggests.

This pavilion, the only one of its kind in Barcelona, is used to hold large events, meetings, receptions, cocktail parties and product launches in the autumn-winter season (until 5 March).

Its debut will be the event Let’s Snow BCN – a ski and mountain sports festival –, and later on, it will house the Hivernacle Pop Up Club and also be used as a venue for many private events.

During the rest of the time, this space, equipped with a free Wi-Fi network, will be open to all visitors, with complementary contents offered on certain dates.