Thursday, 1 September 2016

New Welcome Area

Poble Espanyol inaugurates its new Welcome Area

Poble Espanyol has made the most of the latest technology to create its new Welcome Area, an interactive area for welcoming visitors that opened last August. This operation is the first step in a modernisation process to install the latest audiovisual elements in Poble Espanyol during 2016 and 2017, allowing it to become consolidated as a venue of reference in Barcelona.

An animated model, 8 interactive screens and a new information point will add a modern and much more dynamic touch to the entrance. It will be the first contact between the visitors and the Village and allow them to participate in a virtual route, choosing the most interesting itineraries and discovering the many leisure, art, gastronomic and arts and crafts proposals that await them through attractive audiovisuals.

Thanks to the interactive screens of the Welcome Area visitors can see amazing images of the history of the Village, including its creation during the Universal Exhibition of 1929 and the many different historical and political periods it has undergone. The Juego del Poble (Village Game) will test the knowledge of all visitors who feel brave enough to take part about the history, architecture and culture of Poble Espanyol.

We invite you to come and see all this for yourself!