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The story of Ornet will thrill both old and young. This musical tells the story of a baby bird with a great desire to see the world and join a choir: El Gran Arbre Melodiós. Despite all his efforts he fails to pass the test and is also unable to find anyone to help him. So he decides to give up his dream and escape to the more remote place he knows. From then on, he starts to improve his singing and discovers that he can actually achieve everything he proposes, and that the journey he set out on has given him the chance of success.

Inspira Teatre, created in 2011 by Esther Westermeyer, was set up based on a desire to awaken feelings, emotions and values through theatre, music and physical expression. It aims to stage quality performances with a fresh, personal language that encompass different artistic disciplines.

Date and hour

  • Sunday17 september 2017 from12:30 p.m to 13:20 p.m

Rates and tickets

The show is included in the Poble Espanyol general admission. Buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount!