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You want to organise a big celebration in a special place? You are on the appropriate website. Take note about the possibilities of renting party venues in Barcelona we offer you in Poble Espanyol. You won’t find such singular places like ours, which will surprise the attendees and make the event an unforgettable experience. Our venues can fit any type of celebrations. Of course, they are apt for weddings, christenings, communions and other formal events which include banquets and/or ceremony. But in addition, if you are going to celebrate a birthday, a company dinner, a big party like a Carnival or just a special family meeting, you will also find the ideal venue in Poble Espanyol.


We have reinvented the Main Square by adding a temporary structure of more than 1,350m2 that is diaphanous and has a height of more than 5m. A large clear pavilion that will allow us to organise large events such as meetings, receptions, cocktail parties, product launches, etc.

Hivernacle >

Valderrobres Town Hall

Undoubtedly one of the most surprising locations in Poble Espanyol and the most majestic and solemn. It’s made up of the Noble Hall, a reproduction of the Palace of the Autonomous Government of Valencia and by two Renaissance porches, replicated from Valderrobres Town Hall (Aragon). The hall is perfect for receptions, banquets, meetings, film shoots or presentations.

Valderrobres Town Hall >

Monastery of Sant Miquel

An example of Romanesque monastic architecture, it is made up of a conjunction of elements from different Catalan monasteries and surrounded by gardens with impressive views over Barcelona. It has a chapel, a cloister, a hall for banquets or meetings, a sculpture garden and an independent entrance that permits maximum exclusivity and privacy.

Monastery of Sant Miquel >

The marquee and picnic area

Spacious, airy and versatile, the Marquee reliably performs several functions: banquet and conference hall, film or television set, catwalk, etc.

The marquee and picnic area >

The entire precinct

Poble Espanyol includes a great diversity of venues. So why not plan an event that uses them all? Exclusively hiring the entire precinct enables you to hold very large corporate events and offer a different activity which is sure to surprise those attending. This possibility, which includes the use of the precinct’s restaurants if you so wish, offers maximum privacy.

The entire precinct >

Fran Daurel Museum Auditorium

It’s an auditorium, yes, but not just any auditorium. Its location makes it unique. It’s located in the Fran Daurel Museum, thanks to which audiences can enjoy an outstanding private collection that includes works by top exponents of Spanish contemporary art.

Fran Daurel Museum Auditorium >

Theatre Venue

In Poble Espanyol there is a theatre where shows can be put on, of course, but which can also be used as an auditorium for presentations of products or castings, etc. The venue has a large stage, a large-format screen and an audio system.

Theatre Venue >

Guinovart Space

Surprising and versatile. That’s the Guinovart Space, a circular building presided over by a giant sculpture of the renowned artist Josep Guinovart. Made up of different floors and with natural light that enters from a large skylight, it’s a fantastic location for aperitifs, cocktails and exhibitions.

Guinovart Space >

Cookiteca Room

One of the buildings looking onto the precinct's Main Square houses this large room ideal for meetings, conferences and other professional events. One of its features is that it is located in the Cookiteca venue, meaning that the planned event can easily be combined with an original and amusing culinary activity.

Cookiteca Room >

Baluard and Sculpture Garden

Very near the Monastery of Sant Miquel there are two venues where nature and art blend harmoniously thanks to the presence of various sculptures by 20th-centry Spanish artists. Both Bulwark Square and the Sculpture Garden provide spectacular views of Barcelona. The two open-air venues are an incomparable setting for small-format concerts and cocktail parties, among other possibilities.

Baluard and Sculpture Garden >

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Why choose Poble Espanyol if you are looking for renting party venues in Barcelona

Which makes our venues different is their versatility but, above all, the unique setting of Poble Espanyol, which was inaugurated for the Barcelona International Exhibition in 1929 to recreate the Spanish architecture and traditions. For it, all spaces have a traditional air and an historical presence which convince the organisers and make the attendees fall in love.

But in practical terms, the options we can offer you have many other points in their favour in comparison to other options of the city. For example, the timing flexibility, something that those interested in renting party venues in Barcelona are looking for. In Poble Espanyol, your celebration can extend until 3 in the morning in the indoor spaces and until midnight in the open-air ones.

The accessibility is another major advantage of Poble Espanyol. By public transport, the attendees can use the metro or the FGC (train) and get off at Pl. Espanya station or, if they prefer the bus, get off at the bus stops in front of the precinct (lines 13, 23 and 150). The taxi is another valid option and if you have foreigner guests and they want, they also can use the tourist buses of the city or the Montjuïc Cable Car. Those who want to come by car will find place to park in the parking nearby, which also can be a solution for private buses.

The security is another of our major advantages. Poble Espanyol is a precinct closed to traffic, with access control, which, in addition, will isolate the area of your party for a totally private use. We provide security staff, which you can complement by your own if you want.

Indeed, this flexibility according to hiring the services of the party is another aspect which convinces the organisers. Poble Espanyol does not work exclusively with any suppliers, so you have absolute freedom when choosing catering, hostesses and any other extra service you need for the celebration. We also can put you in touch with our trusted suppliers! Contact us for further details.

Venues for you in Poble Espanyol

In addition of the above-mentioned benefits, there is another point in favour of our service of renting party venues in Barcelona. We refer to the variety and versatility of spaces. Large and small, covered and at the open-air, modern and traditional, and near to each other. You choose!

The Town Hall, at the image and likeness of Valderrobres’s one (in Teruel) is one of the favourite options, especially for weddings, christenings and communions. It has a large hall, the Noble Hall, inspired by the Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana, and a porticoed entrance space. In total, more than 510 m2 with maximum capacity of 300 people or 150 in a banquet format.

The Monastery of Sant Miquel, which reproduces the Romanesque Catalan architecture, is also very appreciated. Indeed, it has a variety of spaces you can use to celebrate a wedding from the start to the end: we have a blessed chapel for catholic ceremonies, gardens for a pleasant cocktail, a charming cloister where you can organize the appetiser or offer a glass of cava, hall for banquet convertible to a ballroom, singular spaces for photo shoots, etc. And the most fascinating: an open space called balcony, from where you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Barcelona. In total, 743 m2 available for parties of 100 to 200 people with a major benefit: it has a private access from the outside, which brings an exclusive plus, comfort and privacy.

The multitudinous celebrations are also a possibility in our service of renting party venues in Barcelona. Concretely, they are two: the marquee or the Hivernacle. The marquee is a modern space with capacity of up to 800 people if they stand, to which you must add the surface of the picnic area, annex space to this pavilion of more than 670 m2. As well as the Monastery of Sant Miquel, it has its own direct access from the outside.

The Hivernacle, for its part, is the winter and covered version of the Main Square. Thanks to this temporary, diaphanous and air-conditioned structure, we have a space with capacity for thousands of people, depending on the type of party. That is why it is the venue with the biggest capacity, with more than 1,350 m2, which in addition, looks spectacular for being transparent and being decorated with plants in the ceiling. In spring and winter, of course, you can use the Main Square, a pleasant isolated space at the open-air, with excellent acoustics.