Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Restaurant_Abrelatas C


The tavern in the Main Square where you can enjoy an aperitif or try some tapas.

(+34) 934 236 620

Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Restaurant_Albi C


A restaurant specialising in market Mediterranean cuisine with seasonal dishes and fresh produce. Preparation of daily set menus, Mediterranean tapas and Spanish cuisine.

(+34) 934 249 324


Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Botigues_Ars Hispanie C

Ars Hispaniae

Upholstery and Jacquards.

(+34) 934 242 525

Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Botigues_Aurea Shop-Lladró C

Aurea Shop – Lladró

Official Lladró distributor.

(+34) 934 232 654

Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Restaurant_Boca Loco-2 C

Boca Loco

A bar-restaurant with homemade cooking and a daily set menu.

(+34) 934 241 192

Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Restaurant_El Bòria

Bòria Arrosseria Restaurant

It features contemporary market cooking, accompanied by an exclusive range of regional wines and cavas.

(+34) 933 251 155


Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Restaurant_Casa Massana-0 C

Casa Massana

A restaurant with a family atmosphere which offers a great variety of Iberian cold meats and imported Italian pasta.

(+34) 934 252 970

Poble-Espanyol_Barcelona_Restaurant_Cava y Jamon

Cava y Jamón

Delicatessen that sells hams and cavas with an open-air terrace where customers can sample its products.

(+34) 933 279 533