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After a wait of more than 2 years, René Pérez Joglar, rap singer, composer and Puerto Rican producer, better known as Residente, will be presenting his first solo album on July 19th at Poble Espanyol. The new “Residente Tour 2018” will bring him back to our stage, after having performed here 3 years ago with Calle 13, of which he was the co-founder and vocalist for more than 2 years.

The idea of his new work, also called “Residente”, was inspired by the results of a DNA test. The results prompted René Pérez to visit all the countries where his genetics are from and to record with local artists and instruments. Besides the album, he also directed a documentary where he explains the experience had in each region as well as the visual, sociocultural and political impact.

His lyrics, whose content is always social and political, combines music from around the world with alternative rap, which has led him to win 26 Grammy Awards and to become the first Latin American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to raising social awareness and promoting peace, which was given to him during the year the gala was held in Barcelona. He frequently collaborates on UNICEF and Amnesty International campaigns, in addition to working on projects focused on local education or fundamental rights.

A highly anticipated Residente concert in Barcelona in 2018!

Date and time

Thursday 19th July 2018.

8pm - Door opening
9pm - PJ Sin Suela
9:50pm - Residente

Rates and tickets

General ticket: 28€ + overheads



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