Poble Espanyol has planned activities especially devised for foreign pupils, with the twin aim of them having a good time in the precinct with no traffic and in the open air, and discovering first-hand aspects related to Spanish culture.

In the precinct, foreign teachers and pupils will find an interesting activity and will also be able to freely discover a whole town and have the chance to have lunch in a peaceful atmosphere. It’s undoubtedly a complete experience that’s an excellent addition to the visit pupils normally make to the mountain of Montjuïc (Magic Fountain, Plaza Espanya, MNAC, panoramic views, etc.).

The highly diverse ideas we offer these students base their content on the mainstays of Poble Espanyol - architecture, handicrafts, art and also gastronomy.

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Open visit: A tour of the whole precinct during the times you want, discovering its architectural and cultural value. Visiting the Fran Daurel Museum is especially interesting and includes over 300 works by top exponents of contemporary Spanish art (Picasso, Dalí, Miró, etc.). A visit to the glass furnace, one of the few left in Spain and where you can watch the artisans of blown glass working live, is also fascinating.

Guided visit: An hour-long visit accompanied by an official guide who provides a historical and architectural explanation of the precinct. Available in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian. A minimum of 15 people are required for this visit.

Stimulating visit: One-hour theatrical activity in which an actor plays the part of a guide and tells the legends, the anecdotes and the most entertaining secrets of Poble Espanyol while interacting with the pupils. Available in English and French A minimum of 25 people are required for this visit.

Paella Show Cooking: Following the instructions of the chef of one of Poble Espanyol’s restaurants, the pupils take part in a cooking workshop, learn how to make a typical paella in the restaurant’s kitchen and then try it. Available in English

Handicraft workshops: The wide variety of artisans who work in the precinct make Poble Espanyol the best place in Barcelona for practising these types of activities. We offer enamelwork, leather, basketry and painted glass workshops in English lasting between one and two hours. After the activity, the pupils can take away the pieces they have made with their own hands.

Sculpture Garden Accompanied by an enabler, the pupils will discover this special garden and the pleasure of artistic expression. They can then apply their own creativity in the workshop, where they’ll make a small sculpture using EVA rubber, which they can take home. 1 hour, 45 minutes. Minimum 20 pupils Available in English and French

Cookiteca cooking workshop: With the help of a chef, the children can prepare typical Spanish recipes (tapas, cocktail snacks, etc.) in groups, using healthy ingredients in a well-equipped and safe kitchen, and sample them afterwards. Available in English and French This activity lasts about 2 hours. A minimum of 25 and maximum of 40 people are required for this activity.

Set menus for pupils: Entrance to the precinct includes the free visit and a set menu for lunch in one of the precinct's restaurants.


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