Underwater creatures. An adventure to the bottom of the sea

An exhibition to explore and learn about the seabed through an immersive experience

The arrival of the heat will turn the Poble Espanyol Marquee into an immersive adventure to the bottom of the sea. Under the name “Underwater creatures. An adventure to the seabed“, Layers of Reality -which works on projects like that of IDEAL Digital Arts Centre- and Poble Espanyol bring you a unique experience which is new for the occasion and will allow you to explore and learn about the seabed on a journey where you will be the main stars of the show.

Raising awareness about the different underwater species living between the depths of the Mediterranean sea and the surface in a fun way and providing knowledge about the importance of contributing to environmentalsustainability are the aims of this immersive exhibition, besides allowing you to take part in a never-before-experienced underwater adventure!

The exhibition, which lasts around 40 minutes, begins with an explanatory wave of underwater creatures from the surface to the deep seabed. Next is a showing on the impact and sustainability of the seabed. The adventure continues with an immersive experience of an underwater journey, and finally we introduce a collaborative actions: draw your favourite underwater creature and help us to create an interactive virtual aquarium!

It is without a doubt a perfect exhibition for exploring and learning about the bottom of the sea without leaving Barcelona, and which will surely be a hit with the little ones and grown-ups alike!


Dates and hours


From 16th July to 21st of November 2021 

From Monday to Sunday, from 10amb to 8pm, by appointment every 30 minutes.

Rates and tickets


Early entry onlineAdult = 11€ / Children = 11€ / Senior = 11€ / Pack 3 = 30€ / Pack 4 = 40€

Ticket office or same day online: Adult = 14€ / Children = 12€ / Senior = 12€ / Pack 3 = 35€ / Pack 4 = 48€


Early entry online: Adult = 15€ / Children = 11€ / Senior = 11€ / Pack 3 = 36€ / Pack 4 = 51€

Ricket office or same day online: Adult = 16€ / Children = 12€ / Senior = 12€ / Pack 3 = 37€ / Pack 4 = 52€


*Children from 0 to 3 years old free entry

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  • Criatures Submarines al Poble Espanyol. 1080×1080
  • F21_criatures-submarines_029
  • F21_criatures-submarines_019
  • F21_criatures-submarines_013
  • F21_criatures-submarines_006
  • F21_criatures-submarines_005
  • F21_criatures-submarines_004
  • F21_criatures-submarines_003
  • F21_criatures-submarines_062
  • F21_criatures-submarines_047
  • F21_criatures-submarines_045
  • F21_criatures-submarines_043
  • F21_criatures-submarines_026
  • F21_criatures-submarines_050
  • F21_criatures-submarines_054
  • F21_criatures-submarines_034
  • F21_criatures-submarines_052
  • F21_criatures-submarines_040
  • F21_criatures-submarines_020
  • F21_criatures-submarines_001
  • F21_criatures-submarines_010
  • F21_criatures-submarines_002
  • F21_criatures-submarines_058
  • F21_criatures-submarines_021
  • F21_criatures-submarines_022

COVID-19: Safety and hygiene protocol

Protocol de seguretat i d'higiene


✅ We have reduced the capacity according to current regulations.

✅ We do the registration of the personal data to all our visitors *

✅ We have increased cleaning and disinfection protocols in our facilities.

✅ Masks must be worn.

✅ During the visit, we recommend to maintain the safety distance.

✅ Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been installed at different points around the premises. Please, use them frequently.

✅ We recommend purchasing online tickets in order to reduce queues and minimize physical contact.


* As a preventive measure in case of detecting a positive case of COVID-19, we ask for the contact information from all our visitor. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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